What are silhouette blinds?

Are you looking for blinds that will let the light in but keep peering eyes out? If so, silhouette blinds might be the perfect fit for you. These blinds are a great fit for any home and act as a sunlight filter. Read more about silhouette blinds below.

What are they?
Silhouette blinds are a type of sheer blind. They can let light in without being lifted. The sheer fabric used in creating these blinds acts as a light filter, giving your home the bright and open feeling that you desire, without having to lift the entire blind. Not only do the blinds increase the brightness of your home, but they also disrupt the view from the exterior to the interior. if you have windows that can easily be seen through from the outside, these blinds will be perfect for you. In terms of design, silhouette blinds are available in a few different materials, each as elegant as the next.

How do they work?
Silhouette blinds can be lifted or lowered with the original cord system, but they can also be motorised. Motorised blinds allow you to lift and lower blinds to the level of your choice by the push of a button. When silhouette blinds are completely lifted, they sit in the head rail. This means that once these blinds are lifted, they do not disrupt the view from the window. Silhouette blinds also have slats that can be adjusted to your preferred setting for various lighting levels. The top-down, bottom-up feature of these blinds is another selling point. The blinds can be lowered from the top in order to let light in without creating a glare from the floor.