How to clean and maintain silhouette blinds

Cleaning blinds is a necessary job that is often neglected by homeowners. Unfortunately, dust build up on silhouette shades is impossible to ignore. Refusing to clean your blinds is unhealthy and can become unsightly. Avoid the unpleasantries and read below to find out how to clean and maintain silhouette blinds:

Regular maintenance

On a daily” , or weekly basis, it is wise to get rid of the dust on your blinds. Dusting and vacuuming are two easy ways to solve your dust problem, and neither options will take too long. Take a feather duster to your silhouette blinds each day to get rid of any loose dust that has floated through the window and nestled on your blinds. The second option is to add it into your vacuuming routine so that you don’t forget. Put your vacuum on its lowest setting and run it over your blinds to get rid of the dust.

Deep cleaning

After a while, there will be too much dust to clean with a vacuum or feather duster and you will be required to do a deep clean. To get rid of the dirt on your silhouette blinds, take your blinds off the wall and place them in a warm bath with a mild soap cleaner. Leave them to soak in the water until you can see that the water has become murky. If the silhouette blinds are still not clean, repeat the process. Once they are clean, rinse them off with water. Rinse them until you are sure there is no more soap left. Leave the silhouette blinds to dry and then rehang them. You can now continue to maintain the blinds with a feather duster or vacuum.