What are double roller blinds made of?

Double roller blinds are a more modern blind design. Double roller blinds have two blinds on the same bracket. There are variety of materials that can be used for these blinds, each pairing can be customised to suit your needs. Here’s more about what roller blinds are made of and the functions of the material:



Blackout material can be used for the double roller blinds to keep the light out of a room. Blackout material is perfect for blinds in bedrooms and media rooms. Double roller blinds can pair blackout blinds with sunscreen blinds or filter blinds for rooms that need occasional light. Blackout blinds have other properties such as insulation that make them the perfect choice for a layer of your double roller blinds. Blackout blinds are available in white material or other tones.



Sunscreen material has a percentage of UV resistance. This material is translucent which allows you to view the exterior of your home during the day while still giving you privacy. Sunscreen material also reduces the glare from the sun that enters your home. Pairing sunscreen material with blackout material on a double roller blind allows you to have privacy during the day, letting light in, and privacy during the evening, keeping the light out.



Filter material softens the light that enters through your window. These blinds give you privacy throughout the day and can be paired with blackout material on double roller blinds to prevent light from entering the room. Filter material mildly obstructs your view. Filter material and sunscreen material can be paired together on a double roller blind so that you have the option to alter your view and the amount of light let into rooms such as the living room