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From a design point of view, bamboo blinds offer a unique set of benefits. They impart elegance to almost any décor theme and infuse a natural ambience – negating the necessity for live plants requiring constant care. Bamboo blinds’ delicate appearance makes them suitable as an accent for almost any design theme. In addition, bamboo blinds come in a wide range of colours, styles, patterns and permutations, in light or dark tones. Versatility such as this, in a décor sense, is hard to come by.

Durable, Low-maintenance, Cost-effective & Environmentally-friendly

Despite the delicacy of its aesthetic, certain bamboo species have a tensile strength (resistance to lengthwise stretching) greater than steel and are used in the construction of buildings and bridges in Asia. This makes bamboo blinds a reliable, robust choice in window coverings. They are capable of withstanding intense sunlight for extended periods of time and are water-resistant. Bamboo blinds last for years with no warping or fading.

Bamboo blinds do not require much maintenance. They are cleanable with a simple vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth. This only needs to happen monthly.

Finally, bamboo blinds are a renewable natural resource and thus eco-friendly. This also appeals to design elements wishing to appease environmental concerns and a natural aesthetic. This is a highly-valued benefit in the interiors industry because blinds are, essentially, designed to control light and heat in a space so it is an advantage to achieve this with a natural material. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing grasses and thus easy to replenish, as opposed to hardwood which has taken years to mature.

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