Keeping it clean


Remember those Sunday curtain changing missions as a child? Mom standing on a chair unhooking the eyelets, yourself and your siblings sitting on the floor with masses of dusty curtains removing the hooks for washing. Thankfully blinds are so much simpler and usually only require a general dusting and a spot wipe with a damp cloth.

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When cleaning your blinds, keep in mind the material they’re made from – wooden blinds for example, will get damaged if you soak them in water.

To begin with give your blinds a general dusting, a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment on works wonders at this. Afterwards grab a bucket with a mild multipurpose cleaning solution in water, along with a second bucket of water for rinsing, and proceed to wipe the slats. Be gentle though, you wouldn’t want to bend or scratch your blinds.

For a deeper cleaning (which should really only be necessary every 6 months or so), fill a bath tub with luke-warm water and immerse the blinds for 10 or so minutes. Dry those carefully taking care to wipe each slat to remove any dust/grease build-up (especially from kitchen blinds).

Once your blinds have dried fully, give them a spray with an antistatic furniture polish to help repel any excess dust from settling. And there you have it, bright shiny blinds once more.

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