Frequently Asked Questions about Window Blinds

Window blinds remain one of the most popular of all window treatments available today. Millions of people are attracted to its no fuss and hassle-free maintenance, and the aesthetic appeal that it holds. Many consumers share the same questions about blinds, including how window blinds repair can be affected. So we’ve decided to do a post on some of the most popular and frequently asked questions regarding window blinds.

Why Should You Opt for Window Blinds?
Window blinds offer a hassle-free way to beautifully and efficiently dress your windows. You can easily decide how much natural light should enter a room, something which isn’t that easy with traditional drapes. In the summer time you can limit the amount of sunshine, while in the wintertime you can let more sunshine into your home.

Is Window Blinds Repair A Hassle?
When you are partnered with a seasoned service provider experienced in window blinds repair, it isn’t a hassle at all. Speak to us at Interio Blinds to learn more about our competitively priced repair service.

How Are Window Blinds Cleaned?
You can easily keep blinds clean by dusting the blinds on a regular basis (2 / 3 times a week )
If there are a few minor spots that require to be cleaned then you may do a light spot clean.

Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations if you want to use any type of chemical on the blinds during its cleaning process.

At Interio Blinds, we have risen to become one of the leading suppliers of quality window blinds in South Africa. Our team of dedicated industry professionals is always at hand to provide our valued clients with all the information they need to choose the best window blinds for their needs.

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