DIY installing of blinds

DIY installing of blinds is easy provided that you have the necessary tools, so before starting your project make sure that you have all the necessary tools at hand. The installation process may be divided into three steps: installing the brackets, attaching the wand, and finally adjusting the blinds to the required length.

Step 1: Installing the brackets.

Fix the cube-shaped brackets to the inside corners of the window. The open side of the bracket should face straight out and the others towards the center. The blinds fit into these brackets with the cord facing towards the room. Fix the blind in the bracket by making use of the small plastic pieces supplied. The plastic pieces should slide easily into the brackets.

Step 2: Attaching the wand.

Before attaching the wand to the slats controller, consult with the manufacturer’s instructions as some manufacturers may make use of different attaching mechanisms. The long plastic wand is used to close and open the blind slats.

Step 3: Adjusting the blinds length.

Shortening the blinds is easy if you follow the diagram and instructions supplied with the blinds. First extend the blinds to as far as it will go. Remove the retaining tabs from the bottom and remove all of the excess slats. Fix the remaining slats by placing the retaining tabs into the last rung. Tie the string ends and push into the holes under the last rung.

DIY installing of blinds requires patience as most parts are made of plastic and may break if excessive force is used.

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